About Us

Welcome to our team Red Stick Cricket Club, a leather ball cricket club founded by Amit Pandit with the support of  Sandeep Pathak, Nawaz, Gajinder and many cricket loving people, the specific and primary purpose of the Red Stick Cricket Club is and always has been to develop, promote and foster the sport of cricket in Baton Rouge through participation in competitive and social play. 

The RSCC places high importance upon social interaction and a membership willing to contribute effort on and off the field. The RSCC places no restriction upon membership, The RSCC regularly practices in Baton Rouge and plays matches with nearby teams. The RSCC plays cricket for fun, for love of the game, yet competitively, with a will to win. In addition, the Red Stick Cricket Club encourages youths to come out onto the cricket field. The RSCC shall strive to uphold the notion of Cricket first, team second and the individual last.